No, this is not where you escape the heat of the summer.  This is the beginning of summer heat escaping from the pond.

It is 50 degrees this morning (10 Celsius), colder than it has been for months.  Solar radiation has warmed the pond while the sun has been high and long in the sky.  But now, we are closer to the equinox than the solstice, and things are beginning to change.

Water evaporating from the still-warm pond has condensed in the cool air above it, leaving wisps of mist to drift above the surface.  As it condenses, heat escapes into the atmosphere and into space.  Days ahead will produce more contrast and more mist, but here we can see an early loss of heat, the inevitable manifestation of the seasons.

Summer is making its escape as days shorten, warmth fades, and the tilted Earth continues on its orbit, the north pole of the axis pointing less directly at the Sun.  It happens every year.

As we watch the heat go, the southern hemisphere watches it arrive.  Welcome to the symmetry of the sphere.